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We design our doors for simplicity – we have a specific range for main doors, doors within a building and for bathrooms. And we provide full transparency in the technical specifications and pricing of these doors, in the way people in advanced markets in Europe are used to.

Water Resistant

All Wesmarc super doors come with a moisture protection layer, and bottom sealant to reinforce durability.

Acoustic Insulation

Our rebated doors have a 4-sided PVC edge banding to ensure sound stays in the room.

Theft /
Burglary Protect

Imported mortise locks and security bolts ensure complete protection of you and your family behind every Wesmarc door.

Climate /
Weather Proof

harsh weather protection
With quality CPL veneers and assembly with PUR adhesive, our super doors resist damage from varying weather conditions.
harsh weather protection

Termite Resistant

Better than solid wood, Wesmarc engineered wood has a much larger lifespan, as they do accommodate any pest infestation.